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Dominick studied massage therapy at Coastal Carolina Community College in North Carolina. He transferred his license to Virginia in late 2020. Dominick is well rounded and learns new things all the time. As a massage therapist he finds peace at work away from the troubles of life. He tells his clients to leave their problems at the door, that this is your time away from them, it's your time destress. Dominick is very intentional and wants his clients to be mindful of how they move about their day. Dominick's main goal is for you to come back feeling better. 

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Tanya is a Licensed Massage Therapist from Florence, Kentucky and a United States Navy Veteran. She graduated from Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach in 2013.  Tanya’s journey began as a young child at around age of around nine.  She spent many hours massaging her father to help him with his anxiety and cope with his type one diabetes.  She found it to be a bonding experience that allowed her to feel she was making a difference in someone she cared for deeply.  Today, she has the opportunity to help many others the same way one massage at a time due the vast number of modalities that she has been trained in. Her interests include music, nature trails, geology, history and animals.    
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